Urban Viacrucis Route

Esglesia Sant Miquel FelanitxOne of the most unique patrimonial elements that Felanitx owns is its urban crucis, which runs through the streets of the historic center of the town. The fact that it is urban, dating from the beginning of the eighteenth century and has been preserved in its entirety, makes it an example of a unique and extraordinary way of crossing the island of Mallorca.

The route of this route follows the itinerary that originally followed the “Procession of the 12 Sermons” (which was celebrated on Palm Sunday), which began in the Parish of San Miguel, followed by different streets around, stopping each one of the stations, and ended again in the portal of the church. Following this route, besides observing the different stone basswoods that make up the via crucis, the visitor can contemplate some of the most relevant examples of the architectural heritage of Felanitx.