Closos de Ca’n Gaià




The town of the Closos of Ca’n Gaià is located in the municipal area of ​​Felanitx, more specifically in the environs of the urban nucleus of Portocolom. At the present time there is a road that cuts it in half, but that facilitates the access, this one communicates the mentioned Portocolom, with the road that takes to s’Horta. In relation to the sea, we find it at about 700 meters. The surrounding land is characterized by its stoniness, constant outcrops of the mother rock and very reddish clays, which form the most typical lands of the area. Climatic conditions have as a major constant the scarcity of rainfall, a phenomenon that results in low montane vegetation with few pines, and many olive trees, lentiscos, rosemary and other associated species.

But it will be already in the sixties when the Closos took more prominence, since in 1965 the road from Portocolom to S’Horta was built, destroying part of the structures of the deposit. This vandalism, which remained with total impunity, at least made it possible to begin its study. Thus Drs. Otto German Frey and Guillem Rosselló Bordoy began cleaning the garbage throughout the village, and later planimetry and photography of the entire complex (Roussillon and Frey, 1965). Even so it was not deepened with the excavation of the navetas.

It is also worth mentioning the inclusion of the deposit within the catalog of Mascaró Passarius, and published in 1968. This made possible its theoretical protection under the Patrimony law of that time.

Since the last time, no significant research has been carried out, except for those initiated by the UIB Prehistory Laboratory since 1996.

Yet their integrity has been constantly threatened. In 1991 some land reclamations affected part of the monumental complex II, one of the parts with more scientific interest of the whole deposit. The following year (1992) further destructions were made, even more important; and that affected again to the complex Monumental II. The vandalism did not stop here, and so in the summer of 1997, and while the excavation campaign was being carried out, a number of refurbishments were carried out on a neighboring site, where several remains were found, which were affected. Finally in 1999 some modifications in the Water network of the Golf of Vall d’Or also affected the Closos.


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