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On the highest mountain of the term, this Sanctuary of the XV century shows in its inn, the Image of the Virgin and a gothic altarpiece.

The first church was built in 1348, after the Black Death and was dedicated to the Savior in the invocation of “Pació Imaginis”. The one that existed in the seventeenth century (we do not know if it was still the primitive, enlarged or a second, new) consisted of two chapels, the main dedicated to the Pació de la Imagen, and the other, to the Virgin.

From 1707 to 1734, the current church was built, and the image of the Virgin goes to the main altar while the altarpiece of “Pació Imaginis” occupies a side chapel. During the years 1930 – 1942 great reforms were made in the presbytery and a new altarpiece of alabaster was sculpted.
The image of the mother of God reached the honor of the pontifical coronation in 1934, solemnity celebrated in the landing of the parochial church. The current road was built in the years 1923-27.

Both the Sanctuary and dependencies as well as the mountain are the property of the bishopric, which has been entrusted since 1891 to the Congregation of Hermits of San Pablo and San Antonio.

The celebrations that are celebrated today are the Sunday after September 8, anniversary of the coronation of the Virgin, and the Sunday of the Angel.

The mountain is 509 m. of height.

Above the Puig de Sant Salvador, we find a monument to Christ the King. The first stones were blessed and placed on May 20, 1928.

Sant Salvador Route